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Natural swimming pools  

Natural pools are just very popular in Germany for the private use in gardens as swimming pools. Since a couple of years conventional swimming pools are modificated to natural swimming pools. In 2006 we realized the redevelopment of the conventional bath pool in Göttingen, Grone, in a natural pool together with our cooperation engineering office Antec. Concerning ecological aspects natural pools are an interesting alternative to conventional pools because of the natural strand atmosphere and the plants at the waterside. Also the treatment is implemented by constructed wetlands and shows the natural character of the system. The water treatment plant is dimensioned for an average number of approx. 1.200 swimmers per day. It works without any chlorine or chlorine dioxide. Compared to constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in this case we work with specialized filter materials to realize continuous high flow rates on the one hand and an effectual treatment concerning disinfection and turbidity on the other hand. The regeneration of the treated water bases only on biological and physical processes. The special filter material can assimilate a very high hydraulic rate of dirty water.

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