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Combi-Clear-Water system 

The Combi-Clear-Water system (CCW) is a combination of a Sequencing batch reactor (SBR), reed bed treatment and sludge dewatering system in one construction. The SBR-system is based on the conventional aeration system for waste water treatment (activated sludge process). The different processes: Mixing (denitrification), aeration (carbon removal and nitrification) and settling takes not place in different chambers but in a firmly defined cycle in only one chamber. The processes are running one after another in three phases: Filling, reaction, sedimentation.

Combi-Clear-Water system

After the complete treatment the clarified water will be discharged (phase 4). In Phase 4 the clarified water gets into the reed bed treatment system to another treatment step. This water leaks through the sandfilter an gets into an special storage tank under the reed bed treatment system. The stored clean water can be used for irrigation etc. or discharged into a river. The accumulated sludge gets into the sludge dewatering bed beside the SBR. This special combination system is much appropriated for the use in areas with less space. 

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